Legal ways of immigration:

Legal ways of immigration:

The legal ways of immigration for Afghanistan Civil

EU plans to offer big cash offer to Afghanistan’s neighbors to host refugees

Legal ways of immigration

The European Union will boost their aid to Afghanistan’s largely unaffordable neighbors as the refugees face increasing pressure over border control. But the bloc has now cut out negotiations about how it intends to handle potential asylum seekers. European authorities have denied commitment to voluntarily resettle asylum seekers in Europe. EU countries fear the return of the 2015-16 refugees crisis, partially due to the crisis in Syria. After the Taliban took command of Afghanistan earlier this year with just over 200 troops. However, the letter puts a strong emphasis on “security,” saying that “all efforts must be pursued to ensure that Taliban regime is removed from all ties”

Response to Imperatives Around Displacement and the Need to Flee After a successful airport evacuation attempt the Afghans have attempted or hope to try to cross from Pakistan through the border to India. At least 500,000 Afghan refugees will likely escape their homes within the next year. Most of those people expected to seek refuge in Iran and Pakistan where almost 2 million of Afghans remain displaced. The development of practical plans for a coordination response supported by international institutions is capable of limiting the suffering of the displaced Afghans. The taliban yet to demonstrate an unwillingness to let others enter the country without the need to flee from the country and are attempting to get.

The Solution presented by the European Union for legal immigration from Afghanistan are as following:

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The United States





More than 36 other countries are working on their procedures to issue for Afghan immigrants stay tuned for more Update

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