One of the most common ways to travel and travel in different countries is to obtain a tourist visa. Many tourists and immigrants prioritize visiting Canada due to the favorable social and economic conditions in Canada. According to the Canadian Immigration Service, a tourist is a person who is not a Canadian citizen and travels legally to Canada for a vacation or family visit. Canada has very strict rules for foreign applicants due to a large number of tourist visa applications; Of course, obtaining a Canadian tourist visa will not be difficult if you are fully acquainted with these rules and complete the documents carefully.

The validity of Canadian visas is checked by Immigration and Border Patrol officers upon arrival in Canada. Typically, visa and tourist visa applicants can stay in Canada for up to 6 months.


  • Original new and old passports
  • Translation of the identity card of each applicant
  • Translation of marriage certificate (if the couple acts together)
  • Completing the visa application form
  • Complete the Family Information Form
  • A 35 x 45 mm color photo with a white background
  • Translation of a real estate document, if any
  • Translation of job documents
  • Last quarter’s account turnover shows the amount of monthly income
  • Bank Statement in English, stamped by the Bank’s International Affairs
  • Invitation with financial documents and ID card of the inviter
  • Evidence of kinship between the invitee and the invitee
  • Book a round-trip ticket to Canada
  • Written consent of the parents to leave the child if the child under the age of 18 travels alone or with one of the parents (it must be specified who has custody of the child while he or she resides in Canada).

Applicants who want to enter Canada to see the attractions of Canada, visit relatives and acquaintances, attend conferences and congresses or short-term courses, apply as short-term visitors. In the New Forms app, there is no option to select the number of times you enter Canada; This means that all applications are referred to the embassy in the same way, and ultimately the decision on the validity of the visa and whether it enters one or more times is up to the embassy. Since in most cases, the visa expiration date is the same as the passport expiration date, it is better to replace the passport if the validity of the passport is low. The total validity of a Canadian visa is for the duration of its use, which allows the holder to travel frequently if it is multiple entries.
Under a normal visa, an applicant cannot stay in Canada for more than six months at the time of entry unless he or she has a super visa, in which case he or she can stay in Canada for up to two years on each trip.

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