United World Colleges UWC Scholarship for Afghan Students Fully Funded

Organization: UWC Scholarship for Afghan Students
Education Level: Bachelor
Category: Scholarship
Funding Type: Fully Funded
Gender: Male and Female
Deadline: 1 November 2023

Details For United World Colleges UWC Scholarship for Afghan Students Fully Funded:

Students who are Afghan citizens living in Afghanistan or refugees in other countries are encouraged to apply to the UWC National Committee of Afghanistan.

Please be aware that you are not qualified to submit an application through the UWC National Committee of Afghanistan if you are a permanent resident or a citizen of a nation other than Afghanistan. Please send your application to the national committee of the nation in where you were born or where you currently reside permanently.
The complete application process for this year will be done online. This implies that you can submit an application from anywhere in the world without having to worry about the logistics of the entire selection process.

  • Degree:  Bachelor
  • Provided by: UWC Scholarship for Afghan Students
  • Deadline: 1 November 2023
  • Scholarship value: Full Funding, tuition fees + accommodation + other benefits
  • Location:  Deferent Countries 

United World Colleges Colleges:

  • UWC South East Asia in Singapore
  • UWC Thailand
  • UWC Red Cross Nordic in Norway
  • UWC ISAK Japan
  • UWC Rover Bosch College in Germany
  • Waterford Kamhlaba UWC of Southern Africa
  • Li PO Chun UWC of Hong Kong
  • WUC Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • UWC Adriatic in Italy
  • UWC Dilijan in Dilijan, Armenia
  • UWC Costa Rica
  • UWC Changshu China
  • UWC Maastricht in Netherlands
  • UWC Atlantic College in the UK
  • Pearson College UWC in Victoria, Canada
  • UWC Mahindara College in Pune, India


  • Language and literature
  • Language Acquisition
  • Individuals and Societies
  • Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • The Arts

Aside from the six topics listed above, there are three core aspects of the IB curriculum that are taught:

  1. Extended Essay (EE):
  2. Theory of Knowledge (TOK)
  3. Creativity, activity, Service (CAS)

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What support is available to students at UWC School or College?

According to their needs, 70% of students get full or partial financial aid.
UWC is committed to the support, growth, and welfare of its students.
In order to help our students negotiate the frequently challenging experience of living and studying in a residential school setting—often far from home—while pursuing a demanding academic and co-curricular curriculum, UWC recognizes the vital role that spiritual care plays.
In addition to serving as houseparents, student advisors, peer support networks, nurses, counselors, deans of students, health and wellness specialists, heads of residential life, psychologists, and psychotherapists, all UWC locations have a team of on-site staff who also provide access to local and campus healthcare.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age: 15 to 17 years old
  • Applicants must have been born between August 1, 2005 and August 15, 2009.
  • A valid Tazkira and a valid Afghan passport are required of all applicants. Any candidate who does not have a valid Tazkira and a Afghan passport will be rejected.
  • You must create this application entirely on your own. Any hint of outside assistance with your application, at any point of the process, will result in your disqualification.
  • Provide a valid e-mail address as well as a phone number. Applications that do not include a clear e-mail address and phone number for the applicant to be contacted will be rejected.
  • All application process is being conducted in English, applicants must have good understanding of the English language.

Your Duties:

If you are selected by the national committee, you will be in charge of collecting the necessary travel papers (passport, visa, etc.). UWC cannot assure you that a visa will be issued. An applicant’s acceptance to attend UWC may be revoked if they are unable to obtain a visa.
Nominated students may need to go to a neighboring nation in order to receive visas for their chosen colleges because Kabul does not have any consular services. Please be aware that the National Committee of Afghanistan cannot provide any support; this is solely the responsibility of the student and their family.

Parental Consent:

  • The UWC scholarship is for a two-year residential program (with separate rooms for male and female students); parental approval is essential for consideration.

Required Documents:

  • Tazkira
  • Passport or Travel Document
  • Applicant’s Digital Photo – the photo must be taken within the last 6 months
  • Certificates /diploma / achievements documents and/or recommendation letter
  • Current Academic Year School Report/Transcript – both original and English translated copies
  • Previous Academic Year School Report/Transcript – both original and English translated copies

Selection Criteria:

Intellectual motivation and curiosity: You genuinely want to know more about the world. You are capable of critically analyzing a wide range of regional and global issues.
Active commitment: You can consider, confront, and reflect on the ideals of your family, your community, and yourself. You are capable of taking morally upright and valiant actions that uphold your principles.
Social skills: The ability to cooperate, converse politely, and communicate with others. You have the freedom to communicate with a wide range of individuals and in a wide range of settings. You can also cooperate to solve problems.
Resilience, accountability, and integrity: You can take care of your physical and emotional needs when things are tough.

  • You have a strong desire to follow UWC’s beliefs, as well as a sense of humility and openness to listen.
  • Motivation: You are motivated and capable of contributing to UWC and actively promoting its principles.

How to apply?

You can read the eligibility requirements and submit an application in accordance when the application is available on September 14th.

By clicking the following link, you may sign up online. After registering, kindly create your eligibility profile to proceed.
Make sure to choose “UWC National Committee” as your application path unless you intend to apply through the UWC Global Selection Program. If you choose the UWC Global Selection Program, you won’t be taken to the UWC Afghanistan application form and won’t be qualified for a scholarship either.
Applications received after the cutoff date won’t be taken into consideration. Applications that are not complete won’t be reviewed.

  • Contact UWC at chair.gh@af.uwc.org or selections@af.uwc.org if you have not received the confirmation email.
  • It is recommended to complete some parts of the application form in a word document and then copy and paste it to the online application
  •  Bring any questions or concerns that you might have to the info session that will be announced soon.




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