UG Family Loyalty Discount at University of Leicester In UK

Organization: The University of Leicester
Education Level: Bachelor
Category: Scholarship
Funding Type: Partial Funded
Gender: Male and Female
Deadline: Deadline varies
Location: United Kingdom

Details For UG Family Loyalty Discount at University of Leicester In UK:

UG Family Loyalty Discount at University of Leicester is offered for Bachelors degree in the field of All subjects offered by the university.

There is a deadline of varies for submitting your application. The University of Leicester is offering this scholarship, which has a 10% tuition fee reduction and partial funding worth. The award is available to all citizens.

  • Degree: Bachelors
  • Provided by: The University of Leicester
  • Deadline: Deadline varies
  • Scholarship value: Partial Funding, 10% tuition fees reduction 
  • Location: UK 

Students may be eligible for a 10% tuition reduction for each year of their course if they have a sibling, spouse, or parent enrolled in or who has completed a full-time course at the University of Leicester.

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Both the student and their family member need to be (or have been) enrolled full-time as foreign students who pay fees.

The student’s relative needs to be registered for or a graduate of a full-time course at the University of Leicester.
Parents can be shared by one or both siblings.
Children and parents might be related through blood or marriage.
A photocopy of their marriage license or birth certificate, or other documented proof of the family relationship in English, must be submitted by the student.
The student cannot get the Family Loyalty Discount if they have previously received a discount or scholarship from the university.
A student will not be qualified for this discount if they marry an enrolled university student.

Application Process:

It is advised that you apply at the time of your course registration. Your application, if qualified, won’t be accepted until after you’ve finished registering. More than four months after the start date of your course, applications will not be accepted. After reviewing your application, our Academic Office will notify you if it has been accepted. To apply for a Family Loyalty Discount, you must download and fill the application form.




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